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POSTED BY sweetwozniak August 26, 2019 in DOTA2
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Team Queso will compete in Superliga Orange and ESL Masters in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive divisions after a sponsorship expansion agreement with Telepizza

The Spanish eSports team founded by YouTuber Alvaro ‘Alvaro845’ González de Buitrago and Alicia ‘Alimorol’ Morote continues to grow at top speed. Since its creation in February 2017, sporting successes and extensive media coverage place Team Queso as a leader in its sector. The closeness of the club, the talent, the attitude and the enormous work and dedication of each and every one of its members have made of Team Queso a role model in the eSports sector. Not only that but they have also driven an explosive growth in the brief existence of the club.

In June 2018, Team Queso signed a sponsorship agreement with Telepizza, a Spanish multinational of the catering industry, with presence in 23 countries and more than 1,600 stores worldwide. Telepizza’s entry into the sector together with Team Queso marked a milestone as it was their first interaction with eSports. Telepizza thus joined Razer, the prestigious brand of peripherals and gaming phones as a sponsor of Team Queso.

Telepizza has perfectly understood the values of Team Queso and the result is a joint vision that consists of broadening horizons and continuing to conquer the eSports world through the closeness created by sharing home, pizza, attitude and passion for video games.

Along with the arrival of Telepizza to Team Queso, last June the club expanded into a new game and a new universe. Team Queso created a new division dedicated to Fortnite and thus broadened its horizons in the eSports industry beyond mobile devices. Months later, and after seeing the good result and commitment of all parties involved in the project, it is time to announce this sponsorship expansion focused on PC. Thanks to Telepizza, Team Queso will compete in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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